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1. General information:

What are the opening hours of the casino?

Opening hours: 07:00 a.m. -03:00 a.m., on Friday and Saturday 07:00 a.m. -07:00 a.m.

Live game: 16:00-02:00, on Friday and Saturday 16:00-03:00

Is there a dress code?

Yes there is.


Where can I park, is there a fee for parking?

Free parking is available in the parking lot in front and behind the shopping center.

Are children allowed?

No, children under the age of 18 are not allowed in the casino area.

Are animals allowed?


Do you have Wifi?

Yes, we do.

Can I request information by phone?

Only general information can be provided by phone, but no information on a personal affair can be disclosed.

Is the  usage of the cloakroom mandatory?

For security reasons, large bags and coats must be placed in the cloakroom.

Where can I smoke?

Smoking is not allowed in the room. It is permitted on our smoking terrace.

2. Entry to the casino

Is there an entrance fee?


What is required for registration?

· For Hungarian citizens: a passport and an official address card or driving licence in card format and an official address card

· For EU citizens: a photographic travel document (identity card, passport) issued by a competent authority of the given country entitling the holder to reside in Hungary,

· For those arriving from non-EU states: valid passport only

What is required for entry?

If you are registered, only the entry card issued by us.

· For Hungarian citizens: card and official address card, or a passport and an official address card,  and an official address card

· For EU citizens: a photographic travel document (identity card, passport or driver’s license) issued by a competent authority of the given country entitling the holder to reside in Hungary

· For those arriving from non-EU states: valid passport only

When do I have to check in again?

Upon each entry, even several times a day.

When do I have to check out?

There is currently no checkout.

3. Games, Jackpots, Transactions:

What games are there at the casino?

Live games: Roulette, Black Jack, Ultimate Texas Holdem Poker

Slot machines: Novomatic, EGT, Merkur, APEX, Atronic, Alfastreet

What currency is accepted?

Live game: EUR

Slot machines: HUF and EUR

Where can I withdraw money?

From the cash desk or from the ATM at the entrance.

What credit or debit cards are accepted?

Visa, Visa Electronic, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro

In what currency can I withdraw money from my credit or debit card?

HUF and EUR.

How much does cash withdrawal cost?

Cash desk: free

ATM: transaction costs are charged.

Why can’t I get cash when exchanging currency?

The casino is not allowed to exchange currency, only to grant a right to play in the currency requested by the guest.

What currencies are accepted?


What jackpots are there?

There are separate jackpots in both the HUF and EUR sections.

mini, midi, maxi, grand

What stake is needed to win the jackpot?

The mini and midi can be won at any stake.

To win the maxi and grand, you have to play for at least 1 euro or 300 forints.

How do I get my jackpot prize?

The mini and midi are automatically credited; after winning the maxi and the grand the slot machine is blocked and the winnings are paid out at the cash desk.

4. Food and drinks:

Our drinkbar is open again between 07-03, on Friday and Saturday 07-07.

What are the dining opportunities?

We offer pre-packed snacks and sweets during the day, at evening warm dinner.


Upon entry, each customer receives a drink coupon, which can be used for a free drink at the bar. . Drink coupons can be redeemed for a coffee, a tea, a glass of soft drink from the machine, fruit juice, homemade lemonade, wine, champagne, or a glass of beer.

In addition, unlimited water from our water machines is provided for the guests.

5. Expected norms of conduct:

Can I invite employees for a drink?


Can I establish any relationship with employees?


Can I consume alcohol?

Yes, in a limited amount. In line with responsible gaming, we are unable to serve alcohol to our guests under the influence of alcohol.

6. Self-exclusion:

Who can request a self-exclusion, where and how?

In person, at Casino Sopron, with proof of identity and by completing a form. Self-exclusion cannot be requested by letter or e-mail!

What are the available self-exclusion periods at the casino?

3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years

Can a self-exclusion be lifted prematurely?

Yes, in the manner prescribed by law.

A self-exclusion with a validity of less than 1 year cannot be lifted. A statement with a validity of at least 1 year may be withdrawn by the player in a written statement after 7 months with proof of identity.

The organizer may refuse to lift the self-exclusion based on the principle of responsible gaming

Is it possible, to withdraw the self-restraint if it is contained written in the self-constraint statement, that its premature withdrawal is prohibited?

After such a history the casino, as responsible game organizer, can only judge the premature withdrawal of the player’s self-restraint statement on the merits in case, if it has become clear to the game organizer from the content of the application and the circumstances of the submission, that the player has considered it carefully, so:

• he/she submits it in a statement countersigned by a notary or a lawyer, and it includes, that

• exactly when, from which day he/she wants to play in the casino again,

• he/she assumes all consequences of lifting the self-restraint, and also states separately, that

• he / she also modifies his/her ban concerning the withdrawal of his prohibition on dissolution recorded written in his/her self-restraint statement, say he/she withdraws it

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