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Player protection

We inform our players that excessive gambling may cause mental hygiene problems and may increase the development of addiction!

Our company acts in accordance with the principles of responsible gaming during the organization of its activities! The organization of games of chance is performed in accordance with the existing legislation, particularly act XXXIV of 1991 on the organization of gambling and the law enforcement regulations, furthermore in accordance with the Supervisory Authority of Regulatory Affairs Decree No. 5/2021. (X. 21.), issued by the Supervisory Authority of Regulatory Affairs.

Information on the toll free telephone number / hotline for player protection (the so called "green number")

Based on § 4 of the Supervisory Authority of Regulatory Affairs Decree 5/2021. (X. 21.) for responsible game management and enforcement of consumer protection and player security interests, furthermore, according to § 1 section (5a)-(6d) of the the Gambling Organization law XXXIV., issued in year 1991, the tax authority maintains a toll free player protection hot line (a so called "green number") for announcements, complaints, suggestions:

The toll free "green number" is: 80/ 205-352

The "green number" is operating around the clock /0-24/, it can be called toll-free nationwide. Calling the number, you will hear a short welcome message, then after the beep tone, the client has the possibility to make an announcement within 2 minutes.

Any relevant information on the case should be communicated during this time, so that the State Tax Authority can initiate the necessary proceedings. Making the announcement, there is no obligation to give either your name, nor any contact details, but receiving further information about your announcement is only possible when telling also your name and address.

Further information on the player protection can be found on the casino's website (www.casinosopron.hu).

According to the legislation, the organizer (the casino), may limit access to gambling in case of vulnerable persons.

For players who are not considered to be vulnerable persons, we provide a self-restraining option!

(Vulnerable persons are: persons under the age of 18 years, and those persons, who are placed under the care of a guardian by a court due to incapacity, or whose capacity has been partially restricted by a court – due to gambling addiction or gambling dependency – furthermore players with a self-exclusion or self-restraint statement in connection with one or more game categories or organizers.)

Restricting the access of vulnerable persons to gambling

Significant self-restraint statement

The player can sign a self-restraint statement covering one or more types of gambling or organizer (hereinafter referred to as: significant self-restraining statement).

Submission and validity of the significant self-restraining statement:

A significant self-restraining statement must be given in person, in written form, with the proof of the person's identity, at the customer service of the designated tax authority or submitted by mail to the state tax authority in form of a fully conclusive private document.

The significant self-restraining statement may define the legal gambling organisation as well.

The validity period of the significant self-restraining statement:

• 1 year,

• 3 years, • 5 years.

A declaration with a validity period not exceeding 1 year cannot be revoked.

Any declaration of a validity of more than one year may be revoked after the expiration of at least two years, together with the proof of identity at the state tax authority's customer service, in a person, in form of a written statement.

The personal identification data of the person making the declaration of a significant self-restraining statement, shall be registered by the state tax authority in the player protection registry.

Restrictions based on court decision:

A person may not participate in gambling if he is placed by a court statement under the care of a guardian, because of a full or a partial restriction of said person's capacity, due to gambling addiction or dependency.

The personal identification data of persons under the restriction of the state tax authority shall be registered in the player protection registry.

Players Protection Registry

In case of vulnerable persons the state tax authority is keeping a record, a so called "player protection registry".

The player protection registry includes the case of restrictions based on the court decision as follows:

a.) personal identification data of the person subject to legal restrictions,

b.) restrictions based on the fact of the court decision, and

c.) the restriction for an indefinite duration, or the start and end date in case of fixed term restrictions.

Based on a voluntary decision, the player protection registry includes the following:

a.) personal identification data of the person under significant self-restraint,

b.) the facts of the player's voluntary decision,

c.) one or more of the designated games or game organizers, as affirmed in the players the self-restraint declaration, and

d.) the start and end date of the restriction.

The state tax authority is registering the significant self-restraint declaration and the declaration of its withdrawal, furthermore the decision on the legal restrictions in the player protection registry, no later than on the next working day after the date of receiving it.

The purpose of the player protection registry is to restrict the participation of these persons in gambling. The casino may only manage and use the data of the player protection registry to restrict the participation of these persons in gambling activities as described above.

We may gain insight into the player protection registry only in order to fulfill our supervisory obligations. The insight happens electronically by downloading and using an electronic extract.

In accordance with the state tax authority, under the act on the player's prevention, and in connection with the type of game stated in our business license, we receive only a generated, electronic extract, containing a non-decipher alphanumeric code about the client's identification personal data, we may use this information only to check the player at his entry.

When the player enters the casino, our employee at the reception desk controls, whether the player is restricted in the state tax authority's player protection registry, with regard to one or more gambling types or gambling organizers. The comparison - after entering the personal data – is determined automatically with the help of the alphanumeric code generated from the personal data of the player. The comparison is carried out automatically by a computer program.

The query is compared with the alphanumeric code generated from the personal data of the player and the alphanumeric code contained in the extract. The alphanumeric code is automatically generated by the computer software.

If the two codes match, the casino the will refuse the player registration, even if the player is already registered, the casino will restrict his gambling opportunities.

In case of failure (when the result of the query cannot be found within 30 seconds after the start of the query) the casino is exempt from its duty of control, with regard to the inclusion in the registry or the player’s entry.

The organizer is obliged to keep the data and any documents of the player protection registry for 6 years, counted from that date, when the data and mentioned documents were provided.

Obligations of the casino

According to the current legislation the casino is committed to identify the customer (player), on the basis of statutory documents, when entering the casino. If the customer is not willing to display his personal identity, its entry must be refused.

Persons below 18 years are not allowed to enter the casino.

The casino (organizer), will not carry out the identification process, and refuses to record any player in the registry, if the player's age is under 18, or if its legal age cannot be established beyond doubt.

The organizer (the casino) immediately suspends any player from participating in gambling, and deletes the player from the registry - after the successful settlement with respect to the gambling category - when he notes, that the player is a minor or his age cannot be established beyond doubt.

The casino checks within the meaning of the law on prevention and control of money-laundering and the financing of terrorism, before the registration of the player, if the player - based on the data in the player protection registry falls under any restrictions - relating to any category or organizer.

If a player is - according to data of the player protection registry - under restriction, then the casino will refuse the identification and registration of that player. If - according to the electronic registry - a player is under a specific restriction, then the casino cannot allow him to participate in that specific gambling category, referred to the restriction (transactions will be cancelled, gains will be paid out, the tokens and tickets will be changed back).

About the reason of the refusal of the registration in the player protection registry, the player will be informed with a copy of the electronic confirmation. If the casino is refusing to register a guest, or refuse his entry, because the guest is not of legal age, e.g. not 18 years old, so these guests are issued with educational documents about the player protection, the game ban and about the tighten measures in connection with the protection of minors.

The casino will transmit the above data electronically to the state tax authority by the 20th day of the following month.

Providing self-restraint and self-exclusion measures in case of non- vulnerable persons

Limiting to enter the casino (self-restraint):

The casino ensures the player the possibility of using a measure to "denial of entry" for the period of:

• 3 months,

• 6 months, • 1 year, or • 2 years.

Adoption and implementation of self-constraint statement:

The casino (organizer) accepts the player's self-constraint statement, given in writing, simultaneously with the confirmation of the player's personal identity. The player's self-constraint statement/declaration will be entered by the casino on the date of acquisition into the registry. The self-constraint statement is applied by the casino within 24 hours after receiving it. Simultaneously, with the handover of the self-constraint statement, the casino provides the player a document with the title: "Information on the special protection of players under judicial and significant self-restraint, and the reason of the player protection registry".

Among other data, the casino can cite the data of the self-constraint statement on the entrance card, according to the regulation on the implementation of tasks, concerning the authorization, settlement and control of certain gambling types. The self-constraint statement is applied by the casino within 24 hours after receiving it.

A self-restraint statement that is valid for at least 1 year can be revoked by the player after the expiry of 7 months, with the confirmation of the personal data with a written declaration. The declaration of revocation is recorded in the registry by the casino on the day of receiving, the cancellation of the self-restraint is applied on the date of recording it in the registry.

A self-restraint statement, of which validity is no longer than 1 year, cannot be revoked!

The organizer is entitled to refuse the lifting of voluntary restraint

taking into account the responsible gambling principles especially in the following situations

• In the statement, delivered at the presentation of the voluntary restraint statement, the gambler him/herself had requested in writing that the voluntary restraint shall not be lifted in any case before the expiration thereof, even in case the lifting is requested by him/herself,

• if during the time of voluntary restraint the gambler have attempted to get into the casino in any way

• the gambler is addicted to gambling, or is involved in a rehabilitation program related to that,

• the gambler is subject to ongoing guardianship proceedings

• the gambler requests the lifting of his/her voluntary restraint requested after his/her first voluntary restraint

Other player prevention precautions:

The casino has to place clearly visible information on the slot machines with the toll-free telephone number, the so-called “green number for player protection”, as well as the name and telephone number of at least one civilian organization for player protection, or the prevention and reduction of the harmful effects of gambling.

The casino provides at least 10 slot machines with a maximum bet of HUF 3.000,-.

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