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of the "Casino Sopron", operated by the CAI Hungary Ltd.

from 1st of December, 2022

1. General information 3

Information on the toll free telephone number 3

2. Restricting the access of vulnerable people to gambling 4

Significant self-restraint statement 4

Submission and validity of the significant self-restraining statement 4

Obligations of the Casino 6

3. Providing self-restraint and self-exclusion measures in case of non-vulnerable persons 6

Limiting to enter the Casino (self-restraint) 6

Adoption and implementation of self-constraint statement 7

4. Identification and the inclusion of players (guests) in the registry 7

5. The video surveillance system of the Casino 10

6. Opening hours of the Casino 11

7. The Casino offers the following games 11

8. Rules for players 11

9. The order of the Casino visit 11

Access to the Casino is allowed for the following persons 11

Entering the Casino is prohibited in the following cases 12

Persons who are not allowed to participate in the games of the casino 12

Requirements for participation in gambling 14

10. Entrance cards 14

11. Rules of entry and the visit 15

12. Finishing the game 16

13. Temporary cessation of the admission to the casino 16

14. Rules regarding the acquisition of gains 16

At the gaming tables 17

At the slot machines 17

15. The order of printing winning confirmations 17

16. The resolution of disputes, making a claim 17

17. Complaint handling: 18

18. Administration and registration of found tokens 19

19. The description of value-tokens and coins used by the casino, 20

the order of treatment of tokens 20

20. The rules relating to the acceptance of tips 20

Chapter I

1. General information

We inform our players that excessive gambling may cause mental hygiene problems and may increase the development of addiction!

Our company acts in accordance with the principles of responsible gaming during the organization of its activities! The organization of games of chance is performed in accordance with the existing legislation, particularly act XXXIV of 1991 on the organization of gambling and the law enforcement regulations, furthermore in accordance with the executive Government Decree No. 5/2021.(X.21.) SZTFH.

Information on the toll free telephone number / hotline for player protection (the so called "green number")

Based on of the Government Decree 5/2021.(X.21.) SZTFH for responsible game management and enforcement of consumer protection and player security interests, furthermore, according to § 1 section (5a)-(6d) of the the Gambling Organization law XXXIV., issued in year 1991, the tax authority maintains a toll free player protection hot line (a so called "green number") for announcements, complaints, suggestions:

The toll free "green number" is: 80/ 205-352

The "green number" is operating around the clock /0-24/, it can be called toll-free nationwide. Calling the number, you will hear a short welcome message, then after the beep tone, the client has the possibility to make an announcement within 2 minutes.

Any relevant information on the case should be communicated during this time, so that the State Tax Authority can initiate the necessary proceedings. Making the announcement, there is no obligation to give either your name, nor any contact details, but receiving further information about your announcement is only possible when telling also your name and address.

Further information on the player protection can be found on the casino's website (www.casinosopron.hu).

According to the legislation, the organizer (the casino), may limit access to gambling in case of vulnerable persons.

For players who are not considered to be vulnerable persons, we provide a self-restraining option!

(Vulnerable persons are: persons under the age of 18 years, and those persons, who are placed under the care of a guardian by a court due to incapacity, or whose capacity has been partially restricted by a court – due to gambling addiction or gambling dependency – furthermore players with a self-exclusion or self-restraint statement in connection with one or more game categories or organizers.)

Chapter II

2. Restricting the access of vulnerable persons to gambling

Significant self-restraint statement

The player can sign a self-restraint statement covering one or more types of gambling or organizer (hereinafter referred to as: significant self-restraining statement).

Submission and validity of the significant self-restraining statement:

A significant self-restraining statement must be given in person, in written form, with the proof of the person's identity, at the customer service of the designated tax authority or submitted by mail to the state tax authority in form of a fully conclusive private document.

The significant self-restraining statement may define the legal gambling organisation as well.

The validity period of the significant self-restraining statement:

• 1 year,

• 3 years, • 5 years.

A declaration with a validity period not exceeding 1 year cannot be revoked.

Any declaration of a validity of more than one year may be revoked after the expiration of at least two years, together with the proof of identity at the state tax authority's customer service, in a person, in form of a written statement.

The personal identification data of the person making the declaration of a significant self-restraining statement, shall be registered by the state tax authority in the player protection registry.

1.) Restrictions based on court decision:

A person may not participate in gambling if he is placed by a court statement under the care of a guardian, because of a full or a partial restriction of said person's capacity, due to gambling addiction or dependency.

The personal identification data of persons under the restriction of the state tax authority shall be registered in the player protection registry.

Players Protection Registry

In case of vulnerable persons the state tax authority is keeping a record, a so called "player protection registry".

The player protection registry includes the case of restrictions based on the court decision as follows:

a.) personal identification data of the person subject to legal restrictions,

b.) restrictions based on the fact of the court decision, and

c.) the restriction for an indefinite duration, or the start and end date in case of fixed term restrictions.

Based on a voluntary decision, the player protection registry includes the following:

a.) personal identification data of the person under significant self-restraint,

b.) the facts of the player's voluntary decision,

c.) one or more of the designated games or game organizers, as affirmed in the players the self-restraint declaration, and

d.) the start and end date of the restriction.

The state tax authority is registering the significant self-restraint declaration and the declaration of its withdrawal, furthermore the decision on the legal restrictions in the player protection registry, no later than on the next working day after the date of receiving it.

The purpose of the player protection registry is to restrict the participation of these persons in gambling. The casino may only manage and use the data of the player protection registry to restrict the participation of these persons in gambling activities as described above.

We may gain insight into the player protection registry only in order to fulfill our supervisory obligations. The insight happens electronically by downloading and using an electronic extract.

In accordance with the state tax authority, under the act on the player's prevention, and in connection with the type of game stated in our business license, we receive only a generated, electronic extract, containing a non-decipher alphanumeric code about the client's identification personal data, we may use this information only to check the player at his entry.

When the player enters the casino, our employee at the reception desk controls, whether the player is restricted in the state tax authority's player protection registry, with regard to one or more gambling types or gambling organizers. The comparison - after entering the personal data – is determined automatically with the help of the alphanumeric code generated from the personal data of the player. The comparison is carried out automatically by a computer program.

The query is compared with the alphanumeric code generated from the personal data of the player and the alphanumeric code contained in the extract. The alphanumeric code is automatically generated by the computer software.

If the two codes match, the casino the will refuse the player registration, even if the player is already registered, the casino will restrict his gambling opportunities.

In case of failure (when the result of the query cannot be found within 30 seconds after the start of the query) the casino is exempt from its duty of control, with regard to the inclusion in the registry or the player’s entry.

The organizer is obliged to keep the data and any documents of the player protection registry for 6 years, counted from that date, when the data and mentioned documents were provided.

Obligations of the casino

According to the current legislation the casino is committed to identify the customer (player), on the basis of statutory documents, when entering the casino. If the customer is not willing to display his personal identity, its entry must be refused.

Persons below 18 years are not allowed to enter the casino.

The casino (organizer), will not carry out the identification process, and refuses to record any player in the registry, if the player's age is under 18, or if its legal age cannot be established beyond doubt.

The organizer (the casino) immediately suspends any player from participating in gambling, and deletes the player from the registry - after the successful settlement with respect to the gambling category - when he notes, that the player is a minor or his age cannot be established beyond doubt.

The casino checks within the meaning of the law on prevention and control of money-laundering and the financing of terrorism, before the registration of the player, if the player - based on the data in the player protection registry falls under any restrictions - relating to any category or organizer.

If a player is - according to data of the player protection registry - under restriction, then the casino will refuse the identification and registration of that player. If - according to the electronic registry - a player is under a specific restriction, then the casino cannot allow him to participate in that specific gambling category, referred to the restriction (transactions will be cancelled, gains will be paid out, the tokens and tickets will be changed back).

About the reason of the refusal of the registration in the player protection registry, the player will be informed with a copy of the electronic confirmation. If the casino is refusing to register a guest, or refuse his entry, because the guest is not of legal age, e.g. not 18 years old, so these guests are issued with educational documents about the player protection, the game ban and about the tighten measures in connection with the protection of minors.

In any other case the information found in the in the § 3 of the Government Decree 5/2021.(X.21.) SZTFH about the detailed rules of responsible game management will be made available for the player.

The casino will transmit the above data electronically to the state tax authority by the 20th day of the following month.

Chapter III

3. Providing self-restraint and self-exclusion measures in case of non- vulnerable persons

Limiting to enter the casino (self-restraint):

The casino ensures the player the possibility of using a measure to "denial of entry" for the period of:

• 3 months,

• 6 months, • 1 year, or • 2 years.

Adoption and implementation of self-constraint statement:

The casino (organizer) accepts the player's self-constraint statement, given in writing, simultaneously with the confirmation of the player's personal identity. The player's self-constraint statement/declaration will be entered by the casino on the date of acquisition into the registry. The self-constraint statement is applied by the casino within 24 hours after receiving it. Simultaneously, with the handover of the self-constraint statement, the casino provides the player a document with the title: "Information on the special protection of players under judicial and significant self-restraint, and the reason of the player protection registry".

Among other data, the casino can cite the data of the self-constraint statement on the entrance card, according to the regulation on the implementation of tasks, concerning the authorization, settlement and control of certain gambling types. The self-constraint statement is applied by the casino within 24 hours after receiving it.

Other player prevention precautions:

1) The casino has to place clearly visible information on the slot machines with the toll-free telephone number, the so-called “green number for player protection”, as well as the name and telephone number of at least one civilian organization for player protection, or the prevention and reduction of the harmful effects of gambling.

2) The casino provides at least 10 slot machines with a maximum bet of HUF


A self-restraint statement, of which validity is no longer than 1 year, cannot be revoked!

A self-restraint statement that is valid for at least 1 year can be revoked by the player after the expiry of 7 months, with the confirmation of the personal data with a written declaration. The declaration of revocation is recorded in the registry by the casino on the day of receiving, the cancellation of the self-restraint is applied on the date of recording it in the registry.

4. Identification and the inclusion of players (guests) in the registry

Under the legislation in force, the casino is obliged to identify and register the customer (player) on the basis of the documents required under the laws when (s)he enters into the casino’s area. The condition of entry into the casino is that the person who wishes to enter accepts the casino’s rules for participation and the rules of games organized in the casino. The guest gets the entry ticket/card at the reception, and together with the issue of thereof digitally declares in the computer system of the casino, on tablet that (s)he respects the rules of the games of the casino and the casino’s rules for participation, accepts the Management Board’s decisions as final decisions, and acknowledges that (s)he may participate in the games organized by the casino only in his/her own name. Furthermore, the player declares that (s)he contributes to the identification, to the registration and management of his/her personal data required by law, to the production of video recordings, to the copying of his/her documents and taking digital photograph. In case the customer is not willing to identify himself/herself, entry should be refused. The casino guarantees the integrity, confidentiality, credibility and traceability of the data recoded. The procedural rules relating to making declarations according to Act LIII of 2017 on the prevention and combating of money laundering and terrorist financing are contained by the casino’s rules for participation and internal regulations.

The entrance to the casino

The casino checks within the meaning of the law on prevention and control of money-laundering and the financing of terrorism, before the registration of the player, if the player – based on the data in the player protection registry – falls under any restrictions relating to any category or organizer.

For the admission of the player to the casino the following minimum information is collected electronically during the identification:

- name (first and last name),

- birth name (first name and surname),

- mother's name,

- place of birth (only the settlement), - date of birth (format: YYYY-MM-DD), - photograph of the player.

The birth name has to be completed in any event, even if it is not mentioned in the player’s official personal documents.

The casino records in addition to the minimum information listed above, also the following data of the player:

1. citizenship

2. type and number of photo ID

3. In case of foreign, natural persons, the identifiable data on the basis of their documents, and their inhabitancy in Hungary. In terms of foreign, natural persons, the data are not limited to the information in the personal documents, data which is not ascertainable from the documents will actually be retained by the casino by means of verbal agreement.

4. entry and exit dates, number and date of visits

5. digital photo

The player accepts that his data is managed and registered by the casino. After a player has already been registered and enters the casino personally, he must show his photo ID and / or show his entrance card, and these data are compared at the reception desk with the data stored in the computer.

If the casino's computer detects:

- a prohibition, or

- a valid self-constraint statement, so the player's entry will denied.

The casino checks, according to the tax authority’s player protection registry, if the player is under any restrictions according to its data, relating to any gambling category or promoters.

The controlling and the query are performed in the sense of valid legislation, with the comparison of the alphanumeric code. The receptionist compares the alphanumeric code, generated from the player's personal data with the codes of the National Tax Authority.

Should the code match, so the player is under restriction, in this case the casino cannot continue the registration and will have to refuse his access to the casino (see above).

When entering the casino, the player approves by signing the entrance card, on the part of the gambling provider, that a copy of its legally required personal identification documents are stored, as defined by law CXXXVI from the year 2007 on prevention and control of money-laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)

According to § 16 of the law on money laundering and terrorist financing, customers, who are resident abroad, have to give a declaration in writing to the casino, whether they are politically exposed persons under the law of their country. Based on §. 4 (2) of the above said law, if the customer with a foreign residence is a politically exposed person, than the declaration must also contain in which aspect that person has to be considered as a "politically exposed person".

About this declaration duty the guest will be advised by our staff at the reception, further, customers residing abroad, will be informed about this fact by a clearly visible screen at the reception desk.

A politically exposed person is:

A natural person resident abroad, which exerts prominent public functions, or has been entrusted with prominent public functions within one year prior to its review, or his family members, or persons known to be close associates, such as:

• President, Prime Minister, Minister, State Secretary, • Member of Parliament, advocates of national groups

• Member of the Constitutional Court or other high-level judicial bodies whose decisions no appeal may be lodged,

• Board of Auditors, member of the body of the Court, Member of the Supreme Arbitration Board of the Central Bank,

• Ambassador, Chargé d'Affaires and senior officers (officer in command or generalship) of the armed forces in full-time inventory,

• Member of Administration-, management or supervisory bodies of public enterprises.

• Immediate family comprises, or significant other of politically exposed person,

• Persons known to be close associates:

Immediate family comprises:

According to § 8: 1 point 1 (b) of the Hungarian Civil Code: related members, further significant other.

A related party of a politically exposed person is:

a.) a natural person who has/maintains common beneficial interests with a politically exposed person or legal arrangements or other close business relations with that person.

b.) any natural person who is the sole owner of a legal company, or owner of a company without legal personality, which society was founded for such person.

The submission of the declaration can be done with a uniformly structured form. The declaration must include the information regarding the source of funds.

This form is available at the reception desk.

If the authenticity of the statement is doubtful, the provider of the game of chance, so the casino, is obligated to take action and to verify the declaration made under the legislation in the available or public databases.

In case of politically exposed persons a business relationship or a business contract can be only satisfied, when it was approved by the determined manager of the organizational statute of the casino's manager.

The player must inform the casino on any amendments to his previously given data on his entrance.

In justified cases - also in the interest of prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing - the casino has the right to request information regarding the source of funds.

The casino will suspend the execution of the financial order, if such data, facts or circumstances becomes acquainted to him, which may are associated with money laundering or terrorist financing, and at the same time he takes emergency measures at its discretion for reviewing the data, facts or circumstances and informs the appropriate authorities. In this case the casino is obliged to report such facts to the tax authorities without any delay, so that the authorities can check the soundness of this report.

Chapter IV

5. The video surveillance system of the casino

In the casino, a video surveillance system is operated during the opening time in the interest of the safety of the players and games. The recorded video footage is treated by the casino in accordance with the current legislation on the protection of personal data and the publication of data in the public interest - for the reasons mentioned above -. In connection with the secure storage of these recordings the casino acts in accordance with the legal regulations, any recordings will be destroyed subsequently. The stored video footage may only be issued to the authorities in case of an official request. The casino guest agrees simultaneously with its admission to the casino to the above mentioned treatment of the video recordings.

The state tax authority may have access and insight to the video recordings, in the interest of its statutory duties.

6. Opening hours of the casino

From Sunday to Thursday: between 07.00 – 03.00

From Friday to Saturday: between 07.00 – 07.00

Slot machines are available throughout the opening hours.

The opening hours of the gaming tables (Roulette, Black Jack and Poker):

from sunday to thursday between 14.00 – 02.00

on friday and saturday between 14:00 - 03.00

Players can take part in organized casino games only on their own behalves.

At the first entry into the casino, the player must give a declaration of acknowledgment of this requirement in writing. The guest confirms by signing the entrance card the acknowledgment of the conditions of participations and provisions of the casino. Each person entering the casino automatically accepts all of the above described conditions.

7. The casino offers the following games:

• American roulette

• Black Jack

• Poker (Ultimate Texas Hold'em)

• Slot machines

8. Rules for players

The descriptions and the rules of the games can be gathered from the information brochures at the gaming tables, at the reception desk and at the casino cage. The bets can only be accepted in the form of the full amount in tokens or cash. Cash will be changed immediately [on tokens], since within the stated minimum and maximum deposits, only tokens can be placed on the tables.

The game is valid only in that case, when the bets are submitted and accepted in good time to the relevant tables. The acceptance of the bets are expressed by the gambling table supervisor or the dealer by a repeating.

The player must be aware that his bets are placed accurately, even if he lets dealer placing them.

Those bets on "even chance" that are not claimed even after the third pay-out shall be collected by the dealer (in case of dozens and colons after the second pay-out). In the event of the failure of a gaming machine, any stakes and winnings will be void.

9. The order of the Casino visit:

Access to the casino is allowed for the following persons:

- Persons who have a valid entrance card (during opening hours of the casino, on the date listed on the entrance card).

- Persons who are personally introduced by the director or his representative and do not visit the casino for gambling reasons.

- Persons who execute official duties.

- Persons who approve, that their personal information will be registered, and that the casino's video surveillance system is recording them. These permits are also parts of the conditions of entering the casino. When the player enters the casino, he approves the above conditions automatically.

Entering the Casino is prohibited in the following cases:

- in the case of persons under 18 years of age,

- persons who do not agree to manage their data and to record them through the video surveillance system.

- drunken persons when it can be assumed that they will act offensive, or cause an accident, and for this reason or another, could disturb the games.

- members of the Hungarian army or police, wearing a uniform, unless they do not fulfil their official duties at that time.

- persons who are under the prohibition of casino visits, until the end of the prohibition period, and who have submitted a self-constraint statement, until the date specified in their declaration, furthermore, persons who are recorded in the player protection registry of the state tax authority, until the end of their restriction.

Persons who are not allowed to participate in the games of the casino:

- employees of casinos and immediate family members of these persons

- Members, representatives, who have a leading position within the company, members of the supervisory board, or immediate family members of such persons,

- Persons meeting official duties in the casino.

- Persons, who are not accompanied by the director or deputy director of the casino, not for the purpose of participation in the games.

Ban on vising the casino:

The casino may temporarily, but at most for 5 years forbids the entry of any person

• who grossly violates the terms of the casino agreement to participate in the gambling. The casino may - in individual cases, or for a specified period of at least 3 months, but for max. 5 years - ban the access to the Casino and refuse the participation in gambling of this person (hereinafter: ban).

Ban in individual cases

A ban in individual cases may be applied, if the contract between the player and the casino is violated by the player, with respect to the gaming.

In case of a "prohibition in individual cases", the currently working manager in the casino, or the employee in the highest position, or its delegate ushers the player out from the casino. On that given day, the casino prohibits for this person the participation in gambling, and pays off the player in connection with each type of gambling accordingly (interruption of transactions, paying out the gains, redemption of tokens and tickets). To carry out the ban, the executives - as required - may also take regulatory actions.

A gross violation of the contract is for example:

• scandalous behaviour, disorderly conduct, disturbing the flow of the game,

• offensive, shock triggering, or inimical behaviour,

• Abuse of the gaming rules, the rules of the casino, transfer or misuse of the entrance ticket, the obtained entry coupons / vouchers / bonus for use of extra services at the casino.

• Misappropriation of the casino funds, tokens, tickets of the casino or from their guests, tried forgery or falsification of tokens. In this case the casino may be eligible for compensation, and initiate further process.

In this case the casino will claim for compensation and will take legal actions against these persons.

• Use of unauthorized aids in the game.

• Attempt to realize foul play at the table.

• In case of any kind of disturbance that disturbs the order of the casino.

• People who do not play in the casino, but only change money, etc.

• People who do not behave according to the usual standards of the casino, who with their statements offend the sensibilities of the guests, their relatives, or the staff of the casino.

• Rampaging behaviour that harm the resources of the casino. In this case, the casino can claim for damages and initiate further proceedings.

The implementation of the ban

For the arrangement of the prohibition the currently working manager at the casino or the employee of the highest position is entitled, he also determines the period of the ban with consideration of the infringement.

The currently working manager at the casino, or the employee of the highest position, sets the prohibition by respecting the privacy rights, without disturbing the other players. The casino keeps a separate registry of those who grossly violate the terms of the agreement, in order to exclude them from gambling.

In this registry the player's data are recorded by the casino (first and last name, date of birth, home address, nationality, number of photo ID, type of photo ID and place of birth), in addition also the reason and the date and duration of the ban is registered - at most 5 years- this data will be stored for 6 years.

The ban period, e.g. the length of the game ban will be determined taking the infringement of the violation into account.

Persons recorded in this registry have the right to get insight with regard to their own personal data.

The player may also ask for a documentary about his captured data and documents, which the casino has to issue him on request.

Persons who are under such bans are stored in the computer system of the casino. The casino informs the player about the exclusion and the casino ban by handing over the information and the notification in writing. Should the player refuse to accept this notification, or leave the casino before issuing this written statement, or if the said person is not present anymore, so the casino will inform the player within 8 working days of this fact by post or in person. This notification will include the reason, the date/time, and the reason of the game ban.

This decision may be revoked during the game ban with a letter of complaint on the part of the player, or with respect to other petitions, but can also be revoked by the casino without justification. The casino will inform the player about the starting date of the revocation in writing.

The player can exert his claims with respect to the revocation of his game ban also at court.

The casino stores this data in accordance with the legal regulations of the responsible organization for six years and makes them if necessary available to the state tax authority in written form, or on an electronic data storage medium.

Requirements for participation in gambling

In the casino only natural persons may participate in the organized games, in fact, only with the indication of their own name. Thereof you will be advised at the reception desk of the casino by a well visible information board. The player accepts by signing the entrance card the rule that he may participates in the game only in his own name.

For commercial policy reasons, the gaming casino may provide gaming rights in HUF and in EUR to its players for HUF and EUR and other currencies accepted by it, but does not perform or intend to engage in any activity or

process, that results in the direct or indirect conversion of all or a part of the currency held upon entry by a player in cash or in a bank account or other financial service provider into another currency, that is to say, in fact a currency exchange.

10. Entrance cards

- The one-day entry is free of charge. (Except on those days, which were announced in advance at the reception by the management.) On these days, the entrance fee is 10 EUR, or 2000 HUF.

- Specific entrance cards, valid for maximal 2 years.

In order to issue an entry ticket/card, the entrant must present together the valid documents required by the applicable legislation, grouped as follows.

In case of a domestic, natural person

• the identity card and the official proof of address, or

• the passport and the official proof of address, or

• driver's license with a photograph (new driver’s license, plastic card format) and the official proof of address

• in all three cases, a valid immunity certificate issued by the authority.

In case of a foreign, natural person such travel document or identity card is required, which entitles the person to stay in Hungary, a valid residence permit or a document entitling to reside

11. Rules of entry and the visit

The casino can be visited by persons of at least 18 years of age.

During the visit, the guest is entitled to use a medical mask, occupational safety mask, or a mask made of textile or other material. In this case, during the personal customer due diligence, identification at the reception, during the transactions accomplished at the cash desk for tokens, or during the period of any customer identification required by law (Money Laundering Law), the guest is obliged to assist in the identification by pulling the mask aside.

Entering the casino is allowed only in possession of a valid entrance card (except for visitors who are personally escorted into the casino by the director of the casino or the deputy director, or those who meet official duties), the entrance card may not be transferred to another person. The visitors will receive at their first entrance to the casino an entrance card at the reception desk. The validity of the entrance card is two years, at the end of this period it will be extended after checking the player's personal identity.

The entry of authorized official persons has to be confirmed by presenting their required photographic identification.

When paying an entrance fee, the casino gives the guest entry-tokens, whose value corresponds to the entrance fee. The entry-tokens cannot be exchanged for cash or for value-tokens, these may only be used at the gaming tables to play.

The casino offers their guests a drink coupon when entering. The free drink is served (during the gameplay) at the slot machines or tables.

With the entrance card, the casino guest can leave and visit the casino several times during the validity of the card. By issuing the entrance card, the player shall be recorded in the casino registry. On the entrance card, the full name of the guest, the date of issue, the validity of the card, the registration number and logo of the casino is listed and indicated. The full name of the guest, the date of issue, the validity of the entrance card can be read by means of the registry system from the card. The ticket will be handed over to the guest at the casino reception. The customer confirms with his signature on the entrance card, that he accepts the visiting and gaming regulations, as well as the present "Conditions for Participation" of the casino, in addition he also accepts the decisions of the directorate as final decisions.

You can leave or revisit the Casino several times on the same game day. Upon returning, before entering the Casino, you will have to pass again at the check-in desk (reception), where our staff will carry out the necessary identification for re-entering (check-in).

When visiting the casino, we ask guests to dress appropriately, this means a clean and tidy outfit that does not violate the general taste.

The entrance card is valid for two years, and entitles its holder to a single or to multiple entries. The entrance card cannot be transferred to another person. Employees of the supervisory organ and official persons have to allow to get identified as well, when entering the casino.

Your jackets, coats and luggage must be deposited at our wardrobe during your visit. We assume no responsibility for any valuables in the clothing / luggage, deposited at the wardrobe.

Found objects must be deposited at the reception, which will be handed out by the casino to their actual owner or his authorized representative.

If tokens and cash are found, you have to act according to point 18 of this regulation: "administration and registration of found tokens". In the premises of casino, guests may not make neither pictures [films, video footage, or photos], nor sound recordings. Devices which can create such recordings must be handed over on entry in the cloakroom. No weapons or similar means may be taken into the casino.

During the game, the guests must not use any technical or electronic aids; the use of such utensils can lead to immediate exclusion. The entrance fee cannot be paid back, even in the case when the player was -for whatever reason-, excluded from the game.

Guests at the casino are required to show their entrance card upon the request of the directorate, or their representatives.

Information about the guest may be provided to the authorities by the management of the company or his representatives only, when it is requested in a well-founded form, in writing, and in advance.

The guests of the casino may not enter into a personal relationship with the staff of the casino.

There is no kind of credit allowed for guests in the casino. In the casino players can buy or exchange tokens at the casino cage, or at the gaming tables. At the gaming tables cash can be accepted only in the case, when the said game is played in the same currency as the cash. With foreign currencies tokens can be purchased at the casino cage. It is forbidden to take the game tokens outside the casino.

In the case of slot machines, it is possible to buy the right to gamble for cash at the cash desk. The cash desk prints a forint or euro ticket suitable for gaming at the slot machines according to the amount paid.

The gaming casino is not allowed to exchange money under the current legislation, it only allows payments in different currencies to ensure the right to gamble. Therefore, if the currency of the purchased gaming right differs from the one for which it was purchased, as a general rule, a new gaming right in a different currency can only be acquired if the guest has already brought the full amount of the previously purchased gaming right into play. The gaming casino may deviate from this for business policy reasons. The amount of the game right not transferred to the game will be redeemed only in the currency of the purchase of the given game right.

The casino can withdraw his tokens or certain kinds of his tokens at any time and replace them with new ones.

Tokens that have been withdrawn from circulation lose their value and validity. The player can change his tokens to cash at the casino cage cashier, when leaving the casino.

Colour-tokens, that have been removed from the American roulette, and were later brought back can be changed back only to the respective minimum.

Excessive gambling can lead to mental hygiene problems, or to addiction!

Without the permission of the directorate, no advertising materials, invocations, or other leaflets may be disseminated in the casino.

12. Finishing the game

If the players stand down before closing, or if the players do not make any bets in three consecutive rounds, so the game at that table can be finished. The table can also be closed in the event that other tables with the same minimum stake are open, where the present players can continue their game.

13. Temporary cessation of the admission to the casino

If the number of guests exceeds the specified space for the maximum number, and the welfare of the players, or the safe conduct of the game, and the state of the devices are at risk, or for other safety reasons, the leader at the highest position in the casino has the right to temporarily close the entrance of the casino, until the number of casino guests drops back to the normal number. The temporary cessation of the entry is performed by the reception and security guards. They inform the guests in a polite way about the temporary cessation and the expected duration of the cessation.

14. Rules regarding the acquisition of gains

At the gaming tables

The winnings are paid out at the casino cage in cash.

The colour-tokens, belonging to the American roulette, must first be exchanged at the table on value-tokens, and only then can they can be paid out in cash at the casino cage. The entry-tokens cannot be exchanged to cash, with these you can only play at the gaming tables.

At the slot machines

If the player has completed his play at the slot machines, the slot machine prints a ticket by pressing the pay-out button whose maximum value is 300.000 HUF, or 1000 EUR. The ticket can be redeemed during checkout of the casino, or at the payment machine in the casino to cash.

The ticket is used to the show it to the cashier, the casino does not bear responsibility for lost or damaged tickets. The ticket can only be redeemed on the same match day - until the date written on the ticket - .

Payment above the value of 300.000 HUF or 1000 EUR will be paid out with the participation of one of our employees at the cashier.

In case of payments equal to or exceeding 50.000 euro, or 15,000,000 HUF, the slot machine will be examined with the aim of establishing the legalty of the payments. If the payment in question is eligible, the payment shall be executed within two bank working days.

In case of payments equal to or exceeding 100.000 euro, or 30,000,000 HUF, the slot machine will be examined with the aim of establishing the legality of the payments. If the payment in question is eligible, the payment shall be executed within five bank working days.

Mystery Jackpot

The amount of mystery jackpot on the mini and midi profit levels will be recorded in the credit value of each gaming machine, the amount of mystery jackpot on maximum and grand profit levels are paid out in cash when presenting the slot-jackpot-slip.

15. The order of printing winning confirmations

The casino provides - at the request of the player - a winning confirmation according to the current legislation.

A winning confirmation can be issued to the player only if he does not leave the casino and makes his request on the same day. This confirmation will be issued to him when leaving the casino and it only includes actually amount he has won with no doubt. After issuing the winning confirmation the casino has to identify the player, it checks the personal data of the player. Furthermore, it is checked whether there are possible changes with respect to the personal identity of the player. If there are any changes, they will be registered simultaneously in the system, when issuing the winning confirmation, including the current date.

16. The resolution of disputes, making a claim

In case of disputes that have arisen in the casino the following procedure has to be executed:

The casino does not take any responsibility for the dispute of two guests outside of the gaming table, and does not participate in resolving the dispute.

Disputes that incurred during the game at the table have to be solved as follows: in the first place the competent gambling table supervisor is entitled to rectify the dispute arisen between the casino and the guest or between two casino guests. In the interest of making the right decision the gambling table supervisor is also committed to gather the opinion of the staff at the table and the affected guests.

If the guest(s) does (do) not agree with the decision, so the floorman or the manager of the highest position has the right to decide. If the guest(s) does (do) not agree with the decision, the director of the Casino makes the final decision in terms of the international Casino rules and as defined by the signed declaration of the guest on the entrance card, however, there are no objections may be brought.

In case of dispute in connection with slot machines, a staff member of the slot machines section controls the function and the control program of the gaming machine. The Casino shall take a decision in regard to the outcome of the investigation.

Solving disputes, the casino management also asks for the opinion of the overseer of the video recordings, therefore also the video recordings concerning to that particular game will be reviewed.

If there is a strong suspicion, that the player has affected the function of the gaming machine, and thus the random outcome of the game on an illegal manner, so the winnings will be retained from the casino, until the completion of the examination of the gaming machine. If the above said suspicion is confirmed, the casino will not pay out the winnings. In this case, the management of the casinos have the right to initiate legal proceedings against the player.

17. Complaint handling:

Complaints are considered as follows:

• objections regarding our services and activities

• objection to the decision of the responsible employee in the casino during the game

• Reporting of all events, where it is doubtful that the casino has failed to act sufficient in accordance to the legislation.

The report of the complaint can be:

• given either orally, during the opening hours of casino,

• or in writing, o in form of a personally handed over letter during the opening hours of the casino,

o or sent by mail (H-9400 Sopron Lackner Kristóf u 33 / a).

The player / complainant can also be represented by an attorney. If the player / complainant is acting through an attorney, so the power of attorney must be written in a notarial deed or in an equivalent private document.

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The in written letter, sent by regular mail or handed over personally must contain any necessary information to identify the player and all personal data listed in the "Conditions for Participation".

In the case of an oral complaint, the player must identify himself with a suitable identifying document (passport, driver's license, official ID card or with the proof of his residential address).

If the identification is not successful, we are not able to review the complaint, and we will inform the player / complainant about this fact. Any oral or complaints has to be checked immediately by the competent employee of the casino after the successful identification, if possible on the spot, within the casino.

About the handling of the complaint and the decision of our employee responsible, a minutes will be recorded. If the complaint cannot be resolved on the spot, or if the player does not agree with the processing of his oral complaint, or with the decision of our employee, a minutes will be recorded and forwarded to the Director for review. A copy of the minutes will be handed to the player / complainant.

The minutes must contain the following data:

• the player's / complainant's data, recorded at the identification procedure,

• a detailed description of the complaint,

• the signature of the person recording the minutes and the player's signature, • place and date of recording of the minutes.

The casino will send a written reply in connection with the complaint, including any explanatory statements within 30 days of recording the minutes to the player / complainant by mail.

In the case of complaints received by mail, the appeal shall be examined by the casino, and the opinion and justification thereof must be sent to the complainant within 30 calendar days after receiving the complaint letter.

In case of the rejection of the complaint or after the expiry of the deadline of 30 calendar days for reply, the customer may contact to the Authority for the Supervision of Regulated Activities (H-1123 Budapest, Alkotás utca 50.).

18. Administration and registration of found tokens

Orphaned chips are any unused stake chips found in the casino premises that have not been identified by the organizer as their rightful owner by the end of the game day, except for unused gift chips, gift tickets, entry chips and colour chips. Cash shall also be considered as an orphan, as well as the value of a ticket that was not physically available at the time of settlement at the end of the game day, but whose value was individually identified (after identification by ticket serial number) from the casino's settlement system. In addition, the value of any orphaned credits remaining in the slot machine at the end of the settlement period shall be considered an orphan. Orphaned credits shall not include any amount of orphaned credits which, because of its value, can no longer be used to initiate play in the casino.

Orphans must be paid immediately to the casino's main cashier and registered in the orphan register, including the exact place and time of discovery, the exact time of registration, the description, value and, in the case of a ticket, the unique identifier of the orphan. Orphans shall be converted into cash and kept separately in the casino cashier's office.

Any person who proves the lawful possession of an orphan immediately before its discovery must immediately repay the value of the orphan as recorded in the register of orphans. Any person who subsequently presents to the gaming casino a ticket which was not physically available at the time of settlement shall be refunded immediately the amount corresponding to the value of the orphan registered in accordance with the preceding paragraph.

The amount repaid must be entered in the register of orphans. The register must include the date of repayment, the name, place of residence and, in the case of a ticket, the unique identifier of the person entitled to the orphan's consideration.

If the organiser has carried out an investigation to establish the legitimacy of the claim of the person entitled to the orphan's consideration, the record of the investigation of the event shall be attached to the register of orphans.

Orphans that have not been repaid must be included in the other income of the company operating the casino after one year, or one day in the case of low-value orphans, from the date on which they were found. For the purposes of this paragraph, an orphan of a value of less than HUF 500 or EUR 1 shall be considered to be an orphan of small value.

If the owner of the consideration of the registered orphan becomes known, the orphan must be removed from the register of orphans, with the proviso that the amount removed must be recorded separately from the casino's funds by the casino operating company.

Unattended administration:

Any found tokens/tickets/cash whose holder is known are not considered orphans. They are recorded on an untrusted transaction list.

In the unattended transaction list, we record the exact place and time of discovery, the exact time of registration, the name of the token, ticket or cash found, its value, the name of the person entitled to receive it, his/her place of residence, and, in the case of a ticket, its unique identifier.

19. The description of value-tokens and coins used by the casino, the order

of treatment of tokens

The value-tokens and cash-tokens (non-negotiable) used in the casino during the game are delivered by an internationally recognized company.

The denomination of the value-tokens is: EUR 0.50, 1, 2, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1.000, 5.000, or HUF 250, 500, 1.000, 5.000, 10.000, 50.000, 100.000, all of them are having a round shape. The denomination of cash-tokens (non-negotiable tokens) is: EUR 100, 500, 1.000, 5.000, or HUF 1.000, 5.000, 10.000, 50.000, 100.000, they also have a round shape. The value of the entry-tokens is EUR 5 or HUF 1.000. In the casino players can buy tokens only at the cashier (cash-tokens) and at the gaming tables (value-tokens, in the currency of the current table).

The bets at the tables must be placed in tokens, and the winnings are paid in tokens as well, that can be exchanged to cash casino cage cashier. Tokens may not be taken outside of the casino when leaving.

20. The rules relating to the acceptance of tips:

A tip given in the casino is such an amount of money that has no direct interaction to the casino. A tip comes from a third party, namely the guest. Only those amounts can be considered as tips, which the player has unequivocally given as a tip to the employees of the casino.

The acceptance of tips in the casino can only be made at the game table, in the game room, at the token-checkout and at the entrance cash point. The employees of the casinos may not ask for a tip, or make the guests through their behaviour, or attention, or with hints to giving them tips. The staff may collect the tips offered by the players only in the designated common container. The containers must be equipped with a safety lock, so that they can be opened only controllable. The tips may be accepted at the game table and the token-checkout in tokens only, and at the entrance cash-point in form of cash. The tips obtained at the gaming table have to be placed next to the tip container only in such a way, that it can also be monitored by the video surveillance camera. The tip container may be filled only with tokens, which have been obtained by the players. This means, that neither their value, nor their number may not be changed. For safety reasons and with the permission of the tax authority, this regulation of the organizer may vary. If the player gives the tip in the form of a colour-token, the colour-token must be placed next to the tip container, and the value-token in the corresponding value must be placed next to it. Both tokens must be counted and they have to have the same value, then only the valuetoken has to be put into the tip container. According to the above rules, tips must be deposited in the tip container immediately, in case of obstructions, no later than before the beginning of the next game. Opening of the tip container takes place only at the end of the game play, in presence of the person nominated by the director or deputy director, as well as an employee who has been assigned to this work area. The full amount of the tips must be specified on a receipt.

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